Shirin’s Story

Northern California is home; it’s where I married my loving husband, raised our two incredible daughters, launched my successful career, and now experience bliss walking through our beautiful olive orchard (which reminds me of Iran)—and joyously make olive oil.

Though raised Muslim, my deeper spiritual journey began when I started meditating in 2009 as a way to cope with heartbreaking situations that presented themselves in my personal life.

Distraught, I tirelessly searched and searched for answers to the questions I had: Why is this happening? What is the cause? What will resolve the situation?

Being a very logical person (I come from the finance world), I naturally sought for answers and solutions from conventional science and medicine.

After countless searches, to no avail, I finally turned to the spiritual realm for support and guidance. 

This is where I found solace and peace … where I found answers that were unavailable through science.

The more I practiced meditation, the more I began to notice a gradual shift in my consciousness and field of perception which gave rise to deep transformation and healing.

I innately understood that this was no lucky find, but a channel we all have access to—though our busy lives often take us away from these natural abilities.

Inspired, I chose to hone this skill and deepen my spiritual path. In 2014, I received a Master Certification from the Academy of Intuition Medicine and completed more than 1,000 hours of meditation, energetic healing techniques, and spiritual consultation practices.

Since then, it’s been one of my greatest pleasures to hold sacred, healing space for groups and individuals, free from pressure or judgment.


Immigrated from Iran to Northern California (1984)
B.S. in Computer Information Systems from San Francisco State & M.S. in Finance from Golden Gate University
Mother to two beautiful, adult daughters
Financial Advisor & Registered Principal—focusing on asset management for small-to-medium sized companies (15 years)
Master Certification from the Academy of Intuition Medicine—completed more than 1,000 hours of meditation, energetic healing techniques, and spiritual consultation practices (2014)
Spiritual trip to Bhutan—where I hiked to Tiger’s Nest Monastery where I received many healing downloads (2016)
Co-founder of the OM Fund—an early stage investment fund


Shirin has been guiding me for over a year and has been crucial in uplifting my work and creating space to hold a powerful vision. She has been unwavering in her commitment to provide help and support when and where it is needed. She does so with grace and love. Her energy is pure and clean and in the holding of that space I get to be who I am. She is gentle and unassuming which allows the ability for my own divinity to guide me. My work has come to light more so than I could have imagined because of her.
Uma Shankari

Shirin Hedayat has cultivated a healing journey along which she carefully selects those ready to do the work and guides them to bring out their best selves. She has opened her heart and shares her healing journey toward a higher energetic field of existence. With the utmost compassion and respect, Shirin teaches participants to clear away sorrow and transcend upward toward a blossoming of the soul.


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