How does love speak to you?  

How does it live in your body?

Come closer. 

You’re learning your soul’s language.

The Temple of Unity has several different pathways for you to explore the journey to self actualization. You can enter via music, meditation, courses, or in-person retreats with Shirin.


There is something for everyone here…











Enjoy sacred music to activate your soul essence & embody the frequency of the temple

Music connects you to the heart—beyond all boundaries (cultural, language, geographic) and separation. There, you can find a unifying melody … the sound of the universe before it was translated into words.  


Enjoy recorded meditations you can listen to any time, or join our monthly, sacred meditation circle

Meditation is a gateway for embodiment. It’s a place where we can explore the invisible realm and get to know our true, authentic selves. Through this tool, you learn the unique language of your soul and bring greater peace into your life.  

Professionally Recorded Meditation Bundles

sacred support for specific intentions

Meditation Bundle for xxx—$

Meditation Bundle for xxx—$

Meditation Bundle for xxx—$

Sacred Circle with Shirin

monthly group meditation (live, on zoom)

​During our monthly online circles, we intend to reconnect and reawaken our true essence.

We use music, meditation, movement, and breath to enter a space of limitless possibilities—where boundaries dissolve and spiritual freedom can flourish.

The circles activate multisensory embodiment.

You’ll feel more peace, more nonattachment, more passion, and more alignment in life.

After the meditation journeys, there’s always opportunities to share, with the safe community, your experiences.

2nd Sunday of each month
11am (Pacific time)
On Zoom

FAQs - Sacred Circle with Shirin - Learn More

Is there a cost to join the meditation circle?

While these meditations are of no cost to you, your donations are welcome as they help sustain the temple. 

Must I commit to come every time, or may I show up when I can? 

You can show up whenever you wish; however, the more you attend, the more practice you’ll get when meditating … and the more of an impact will have on your life. You’ll also receive the benefit of being with a safe, beautiful community of like-hearted people.  

Are the circles recorded, or do I have to come live?

How long do the circles last? 

What happens in a circle? 

Shirin will guide you through a deep meditation that may include sound. As you follow the purity of her voice, you’ll feel safe and trust the environment so you can slowly exit your ego mind and enter a state of oneness, of unity. You’ll discover symbols, colors, and sensations that speak to the language of your soul. 

 After our meditation, you’ll have an opportunity to share your experiences with others. You’ll get to know that these are powerful and not unusual—even though they might be new to you because we don’t talk about them in “everyday life”—unless you’re already part of a spiritual community. 

Do I have to be experienced in meditation to join a circle?

No. All experience levels of meditation are welcome. 

If you’re new to meditation, we recommend listening to these 3 introductory meditations before joining the circle. This will help you become familiar with foundational concepts.


In-Person Retreat

Let’s go beyond the stillness of meditation
explore the universe that lives inside you

Enjoy the very special opportunity to meet with Shirin, in-person, for a transformational retreat where you can discover your inner essence and the divine within.

Retreats combine Shirin’s signature spiritual process: music, meditation, breath, and movement.  

Coming soon…



Enter a state where there’s no thoughts…
Release of all conditions & barriers you’ve created within yourself
preventing you from feeling, with every cell,
your sacred connection to self and all life

Music connects you to the heart—beyond all boundaries (cultural, language, geographic) and separation. There, you can find a unifying melody … the sound of the universe before it was translated into words.

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